Thursday, October 07, 2010

Penang Day 1

Hola, people ! It's a cloudy and cooling afternoon which causing me having such a good mood to blog about my penang trip. I have been nagging and nagging like an old woman to my friends saying that I wanna go to Penang. We planned for quite some time and in between the member of the trip changed. At first we have decided to take the slow vehicle (bus) and crawl all the way to Penang from Malacca until we saw Air Asia was offering cheaper flight tickets.  

We are waiting at the departure hall Platform 11. I think we were the attention of everyone as we spoke loudly. haha I am so sorry to everyone. 
Finally we are inside the cabin. This is my first ride with Air Asia, so far so good. =)
For those who have been following this blog will be familiar with this bear namely Chocolate. Again, I brought him with me on a plane, but domestic travel and not international flight. 
Bye LCCT and Hello Penang =) I am coming...
Did you ever notice the changes of the wings when the plane take off or touch down? I never bothered to notice it until my sis asked me to do so, it's quite interesting. 

Finally the plane touched down after 45 minutes flight. We placed our luggage at friend's house then headed off to Queensbay Mall. We went for refreshment at T-Bowl restaurant, a toilet bowl concept restaurant inside the mall just right opposite the games arcade. Taiwan has one too so I think this shop is inspired by the one in Taiwan. 

My banana split is served in a bath tub. Seriously, normal ice-cream that I bought outside would be so much nicer than this bowl of thing. This bowl of ice-cream is equivalent to 7 sundae cone from McD. haha
This shitty ice-cream is served in a squatting style toilet bowl.
This shit is cute, isn't it?

They sent us to the hotel to rest before the dinner. We stayed at Good Hope Inn, quite near to Gurney Plaza and Gurney Drive.
Woots, I picked the right room. This room is much more spacious than the guys' room. Every room has a bathroom attached to it, that's for sure. haha
There's a big mirror on the wall, it's perfect! Girls need it and there's another mirror inside the bathroom. We can watch Astro Wah Lai Toi and Star movie channel. The rate per room is RM93 per night and it could accommodate 4 people.

We had our late dinner at Gurney Drive. Look at the crowd, it was already 9pm.
This is my prawn mee. Slurrrrpppp
This is the famous sotong kangkong.

OK, first time trying the fried chicken skin like this. I tried only 1 slice as I normally peel off the skin when I go KFC.
This is the special cheesy contained sausage. nom nom...

We went for a stroll along the seaside at Gurney Drive before going back to the hotel. You could see police officer patrolling along there too.
That's all for my first day in Penang Island. The adventurous events will be posted on the following posts. Stay tuned, peeps =) I ♥ Penang

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Camy said...

PENANG!!! weeee.

Evelyn`Wann said...'s awesome =)

Celeste xiao fang said...

I never know there is a hotel named Good Hope Inn with so cheap price near Gurney although I stay at Penang for almost 2 years ++ odi, Haha ! XD

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