Sunday, November 07, 2010

If I had Rapunzel's hair

Keeping long hair is not allowed in my primary school so I but to say goodbye to my shoulder length hair during standard 1. I was so excited to keep long hair once again when I stepped into the age of 13 till now. My hair was once quite long and almost touching my waist (the longest touched but not all XD ). I actually quite admire girls with super long hair and wish to have it someday later. That's quite impossible as I love to cut my hair and natural wavy hair make my hair look short and messy. 
That's my hair in early March 2010
So, if I had Rapunzel's 70 feet of magical golden hair, I could save my money for hair colouring. haha That's one of the advantages. Next, I could do multitask at one time with the aid of my hair. You know octopus, right? I could just divide it into 8. For example, I have only a pair of hands so they are occupied when I am typing the keyboard so here comes the convenience of hair. 2 division in-charge of folding the clothes, 1 sweeps the floor, another 1 holds the dust pan, 2 help me to do pedicure and left 2 to do massaging. All these can be in a room since 70 feet is pretty long and my study table is near to my bed. 
This is my current hair style. It's shorter and with the short fringe that I have it since few months ago.

It would be pretty awesome if my hair can do its own styling every time before I go out. I just need to think of what kind of hair style do I need then immediately it would turn into the exact one. For example, I need a formal hair style for office then need a party or clubbing hair style after work. Besides clothing, hair style can really change a person's appearance too. My hair with short bang or long fringe does make a difference on me though. Lastly, since 70 feet of hair is so freaking long, I won't mind to cut my hair and make it into wig for cancer patients. I saw cancer patients before with my own eyes and it's heart breaking. Some may chose to shave their hair but some drop hair because of the chemotherapy and medicine effect. Actually I thought of joining the campaign of shaving hair to show our supports to those cancer patients but I have no courage to do so. But why African girls look so nice in bald?   
I am gonna watch this 'cause I am a fan of Disney cartoons. November is a movie month =D

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k e l y n said...

i wan to watch this tooooooo
can we go togather????

mummynana said...

good luck! hehe. this is a cute movie to watch. hope can bring my daughter too.