Friday, November 12, 2010

My gallery

I guess everyone must have dream of having an art gallery and show every single art pieces. Hard work paid off when you found people who actually appreciate your work. An art piece may look artistic and awesome to you but not everyone. How would you define the story behind a picture, it's kinda subjective and personal. For models and artistes, they would like to have their photos everywhere to prove their popularity in town.
With my 16X cm height, few hundreds pounds weight, an old restless looking face, it would be impossible to have my photos everywhere except passport photos on forms for academic purposes or documents, friends' blogs or mine and any social page I have registered. So, late at night, I got nothing better to do and I visit My last visit to that website was during the Friendster generation. However, it entertained me well even after years. 
If I could have my portrait painting like this and hang it in my house living room. Do you know that most of those successful business men do hang their own portrait painting in their house? I have family portrait in my house though.
Have my picture in a book like this. OK it's not a colouring book and let your kids to colour blue skin for me like avatar or green skin like Princess Fiona. LOL
Being a cover girl is every girl's dream, I guess so. Maybe I should start doing something big so you might see me in Times' cover in the future but most probably in our dreams only.
She has talent in drawing, isn't she? HAHAHAHA

 OK, my personal art gallery is closing now. Photofunia realised my 
Alright, just being crappy. I had nothing better to do  =) xoxo

Wisdom is only found in truth

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The last one is NICE!!