Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sentosa Siloso Beach

It's Beach station. I love to walk on sands with naked feet but too bad, it's not suitable on that day. Alight at the station, you would be welcomed by coffee aroma from Coffee Bean. If you are lazy to walk by yourself, just queue up and wait for the free tram service.
Took picture of blossom before the tram came.
These are the trams.
So let's enjoy the scenery beside us. It's greenery view and refreshing after long hours of walking around.
I personally like this picture. This is one of the facilities but not sure how much.

After that we alighted at Siloso Beach stop. It's time to step on those sands and have  peep at bikini chics and muscular hunks. woohoo~~ I am kind of envy their slim body figure, the girls of course. Other than that, I wish I could have a group of friends that can play a fool with me on the beach or in the sea water. It's hard to invite friends to go outing, of course if you don't wish to follow, I don't force but please do not tell me lies. Once I caught you with lies, the possibility of inviting you again for outings is smaller than you rejecting my invitation. Everyone has their own preferences and it's normal if you dislike or hate me. 

OK, let's continue with photos and little captions. 
Me and coconut tree. The Bollywood style.

Let's hop on the tram again to the other place. FYI, it's walking distance just that we were worn off. 
Beach boys were playing volleyball, wanna join them? XD
A little corner for kids as well.
Flying fox..woots I am kinda missing the flying feel.
If you wanna know these hunks in yellow-and-red, please drown yourself and wait for them to rescue you. Nah, just kidding, please mind your own safety.
It's a nice place to do jogging too.
OK It's time to say good bye to Sentosa and go back to JayBee. We went to Sushi King for sushi again (2nd day of Bonanza). It was almost 9pm so 6 of us are allowed to enter by using only 1 member card. Remember I said I ate only 4 plates of sushi in previous post? Alright, this time I upgraded to 5 plates of sushi. By the time we finished our dinner, the mall was closing too. It was kinda scary as I need to take bus to another place alone. Luckily I am still sound and safe =)

Happy Deepavali to all that celebrating this festival and happy long weekend to office people =) 

Watching clip from Petronas makes me think of the deceased director- Yasmin Ahmad. Many past festive clips from Petronas were directed by her and they are awesome!! If you did follow last year's Merdeka clips-15 Malaysia, Chocolate is her product too. Say no to racist and stay united!! 

Wisdom is only found in truth


SIM YEE said...

your photography skills are really good!!! and nice place eh..never heard of it before. but very nice!

Andy Yeap said...

what a place, i wish im there >.<

anyway, ur landscape photos like cant fit into ur layout eh..

still, WOW !

YuhJiun said...

omg, vry vry nice photos! :D
btw, where is the place?
seems like you had lotsa fun girl :)

Feather Fansey said...

what a nice place ;p

hudhud said...

never been to Spore before ! love yr photos. wht camera did u used ?

Philip Khor said...

now i need to go to singapore lah

TOLANIC said...

All the photos look so clear. Awesome!

Lynnie said...

♥ all your picts.
Seems like you had loads of fun there!!!

H.Prakash said...

Hope you had a great time at Siloso Beach! I've never been there in such a long time. Thanks for bringing back those nostalgic memories!

Chuen said...

nice photos :D looks fun too!

leafareesya said...

whoo. this is nice.
never been here before.
jealous! :D

` Yi Han said...

The place looks fun! :D
Nice pictures btw (:

Hilda Milda™ said...

nice beachhhh :D and i love the purple bus, so cute!

~J'@nn~ said...

wow! luv all ur pictures

alvinontherocks said...

Haven't been to Singapore for a very long time and things do change fast over there unlike here... :|

Nice classic touches to your photos :)

k~^|n said...

realy realy nice

blur de Qi said...

wow, nice pic ^^

blur de Qi said...

wow, nice pic ^^

...Yee Lin... said...

the flying fox! omg! i wanna try that! looks very very fun!!

Camy said...

i love ur photograph. i wan to go there T_T

Evelyn`Wann said...

Thanks people =)
It's a really nice place and reckon you guys to play at there...It's really fun and relaxing..