Friday, December 10, 2010

Cherish your life

Life is fragile in every aspects. We are assigned with lots of missions by living on this globe. Find our life partner is one important chapter but that's not the only commitment we have. I said before, why people commit suicide over the loss of boyfriend or girlfriend why none of them would suicide if the parents are gone? Alright, people would say why I bullshit so much when I never experienced but I went through the pain of losing people I love so much. Tears would still roll down when I miss them and still thinking they are still alive. Now, I am kind of afraid to see old lady riding on motorbike 'cause eyes would automatically generate tears and memory would come into my mind, so does her voice. 

Please think of your family before your actions, think twice. Can you bear to see them in agony forever? The pain and regret of losing you are forever there, unforgettable. If you do love that girl or boy, please stay live to protect her or him until they found someone that could take care of them. By that time, you may find your life partner too. Force them to remember you forever by ending your life is kinda silly and foolish. If you do love them, why wanna put them in guilt for the whole life? We need not only love partner but also family and friends. Family and friends will always be there for me, I do believe this. Please cherish your life and be responsible for your actions.

Some people don't have the chance to grow old because they suffer sickness or met accident and need to leave this world early. Some people give up the chance to grow old. If exchange can be made, I guess many people would want to stay alive.
How many of us do hold the mother's hand and not boyfriend or girlfriend's hand?

The song below might be his feeling that time, I guess.

Wisdom is only found in truth

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