Thursday, December 02, 2010

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

I am a fan of Harry Potter movies so I am not gonna miss this. I went to watch it last week!! Overall it's not bad and certain parts are thrilling. The touching part would be the deceased of Dobby for saving them. The annoying part will be the family sitting behind me. The parents brought all the children in and they talked and screamed like nobody's business. Besides that, one of them kept on kicking my seat and the 1 year + baby pulled my hair. That's completely annoying when I can't enjoy my movie to the max. 
Ron remains the funny character and the boyfriend of Hermione. =D

Emma Watson is pretty, don't you think so?

The idea of the mad eye.
The main 3 characters at the red carpet. Hmmm why did Emma Watson cut her hair into this short? She looks prettier in long hair. Hermione is the cleverest among the three and Emma in the cleverest among the three too =D
Her hands full with the blood of Ron.
I have to wait for 7 months plus before the part 2 is released in cinema and that would be the final episode of Harry Potter's series, the real ending. Oh no, it has accompanied me since form 1 and it's gonna end it next year. I wish I could one day visit [the wizarding world of Harry Potter], the theme park of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando in Florida. After that, I could visit Disneyland too.  It's time to do savings and find sources of earning extra money. I have too many wants but with limited money =(

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