Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Last Saturday, I went to the education fair at Johor Convention Centre. Hmmm...It's not so crowded compared to last time at Pan Pacific ballroom. Many colleges and universities set their booths there, for example, Multimedia University, Taylors College, Segi College, Curtin University, Sunway College and others. My sis and I were attracted by the cooking and baking academy. The nearest baking academy to us is the Sugarcraft at Desa Tebrau. Alright, I am kinda interested in joining their baking lessons. =) 

My mum's friend was one one of the exhibitors for the Russia Medic booth. She couldn't recognize me when I smiled to her, ok that's fine. Soon after that she started to talk about my hair, how come my hair isn't that curly like childhood time. Then she said, wow last time you were very ugly with that super curly hair. All I could response was smiling. The best part was I totally forgot about this until the next day. Maybe I have too good mood on that day. The Curtin University's exhibitor is handsome. haha I really like to see guys wearing formal attire, they look tidy and smart. 
I am not good in drawing but just wanna show you the awkward moment of that day. Throughout the whole conversation, she didn't say I have grew prettier or at least now looks prettier than before. That's the very first time I heard people telling me I am ugly with my own ears.
OK, starting from now, I should learn to apply make up on my face to make myself looks more nicer. If only cosmetic or plastic surgery can transform me into a beauty, I don't mind becoming an artificial beauty actually. I AM UGLY!!! {{{{{{{{{ screammmmm }}}}}}}}}  That proved throughout my 21 years plus life ,whoever said you look good to me before were actually deceiving me. What makes them lied? 

Listening to the truth is kinda sad and hurt sometimes, so I do like white lies sometimes. =)

Wisdom is only found in truth

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