Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Marina Barrage

Bugis Village is one of my favourite shopping spots in Singapore. However, I didn't do any shopping at there and simply passed by. That's so not my style. haha We went there for the chwee kuey and it is still so nice. =) 
Cute Stitch with Christmas hat.

Then we headed to Marina Bay by MRT then take free shutter bus to Marina Barrage. It's a super hot shiny day and people were enjoying picnic and flying kites over there. 
Cute boy!! 
Hot romance. 
This is the Marina Sands building.

There's a mini water playground for the kids. I can see how those kids enjoy wetting themselves as they couldn't do it at home. Besides that, there's a group of people were playing games to fill a 1.5litre bottle with the water they managed to get with a broken cup. It's nice to be young!! 

After that, we have a ride on the free shuttle bus back to the bus stop then walked over to Marina Sands. It's a place flooded with famous branded stores. Finally, I entered the Sands Casino. Hmm...I somehow prefer Resort World Casino more. 
This is the Helix Bridge.

Wisdom is only found in truth

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