Friday, December 10, 2010

Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale

 I was attracted by the trailer of Rapunzel then I promised myself I must watch it and I did keep my promise. Disney's movie is always my all time favourite 'cause I like the musical in the movie. The songs are nice and cartoons are cute. Maximus, the horse is like a dog. The part where lanterns fly high in the sky, that part is really pretty and awesomely nice. Disney's movie always give the audience hope. haha 
See how the horse sniff and camouflage himself behind the tree, you might laugh loudly like me. hehe

The male character, Eugune or the Flynn Rider.
Uh-huh this is the lanterns part. How is it?
In the end, Rapunzel reunite with her King father and Queen mother, back to her position as the princess of the country. However, Rapunzel no longer having a long golden hair but short hazel brown hair. I still prefer her with long hair, looks prettier. Click here to see what would I do if I had Rapunzel's hair. =)

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