Thursday, January 13, 2011

11 facts

Saw it from Joyce's blog and decided to write about the 11 facts about me too. Let's get started. 

  1. I have parents as the King and Queen in our kingdom that allows me to behave like a princess. That's how I developed my minor ''princess syndrome''. I love how they pampered me by fulfilling my unlimited wants. They tolerate my bad temper and give ways to me most of the time. Love ya!! 
  2. Blackstone is the name of my DLSR which is gonna turn into 1 year old on this coming February. 
  3. Am completely a Korean drama and Kpop lover!!! Long live dramas~~ I must visit Korea one day.
  4. I have stepped my foot on 7 cities out of 3 countries outside of Malaysia. I believe the number of cities visited will increase in years. Travel around the globe is my dream! 
  5. Born with natural wavy hair and it's frizzy too. I am already got fed up with questions asking about my hair, maybe I should ask God to answer your answer for me. 
  6. I used to have a stick of fried fish balls after swimming in the evening during weekend. 
  7. Toast was the name of my cute little puppy which I had given it away to my friend. I was really sad after giving it away. 
  8. Grandpa held my hand walking on the road from Kota Tinggi to Johor Jaya before it is opened and I was holding an ice-cream in another hand. That's a wonderful evening stroll with grandpa. 
  9. The band practice from Primary 4-6 was the best time in school where we could gather together to rehearse the songs. Clarinet is really fun though saxophone was my first choice. I followed the band to perform in many schools before. 
  10. I gave up playing organ that I have learnt for 9 years and I have difficulties in reading those music score now. It is completely a sad case to me. 
  11. I had attended the PLKN and experience leaving home for the very first time for so long time. I get to shoot with real gun M16 with real bullets inserted which others don't get to try it. 
I tried to write 11 symbolic facts about me and hopefully they are. Did it help you to get to know me better now? =D 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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