Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Great day

Great day is a Malaysian production movie and it is really a great movie to start the year. It doesn't only bring laughter to you but moral values too. Many parts in the movie could flash back your memories between you and your loved ones. I LOVE IT!!! 
 This pair of father and son is really adorable. That boy is really cute and nice looking, don't you think so? For that dad, I like the part where he drank the spicy herbal tea brewed by the mum who is having minor Alzheimer. He is playing a filial son in the movie and he has done a great job! 
This is one of the old folks in the old folks' home in Perlis in the movie. He is Uncle Lim. His roommate is Uncle Lam though both having same surname in Chinese. The part where they grabbed the remote control to  switch channel between Wah Loi Toi and Hua Hee Tai is really amusing. Uncle Lim is Hokkien and Uncle Lam is Cantonese. Uncle Lim went down to KL to visit his children. 
This is the granddaughter of Uncle Lim. The movie has shown a great interactions between the two of them. Uncle Lim taught the granddaughter how to write Chinese calligraphy. It reminds me of my grandpa used to help me to do my Kemahiran Hidup kerja kayu during primary school time. He was really good in doing cupboards, chest boxes and other wooden stuffs. He will also fix the chain of my bicycle when it has loosen. I just dream of him few days ago but whenever I dream of him will end with him lying in the casket. Why must you remind me that he is no longer with me even is in my dream? 
This cute little granddaughter left home and went to Perlis to look for her grandpa after knowing she could only meet grandpa once a year. She misses her grandpa. Did you see the violin? I like the duet of her and grandpa on sports day. Hilarious!! 

Malaysia is a very beautiful land, covered by the beauty of mother nature. The paddy field is nice!! I wish to explore the amazing places in Malaysia 1 by 1. Anyone wanna join my tour?=D

Watch the trailer if you haven't watch this movie.

Great day's theme song

Hok ki  =)

Great day is really a nice movie. What's more, it is a local production movie! Made in Malaysia~ Faster watch it at the nearest cinema. Trust me, you would love it!!! 

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