Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy 2011 !

The very first post of Evelynwann in year 2011. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. Wishing you have a better year and stay healthy!! 

I ended my last day of year 2010 beautifully with lots of friends of mine. At the same time, I ended my year 2010 with my smelly body for 1 whole day. That's not a very good ending for it. LOL I seriously think that gather with friends to talk craps is a very relaxing activity where I just need to laugh non-stop. We went to Wall Street the restaurant and bar for countdown. The atmosphere was great and high until we were kinda overdose with that playing cards game. An old lady like could appear inside bar too, don't you think it's hilarious? It's good to welcome year 2011 but not adding number to my age. Ain't gonna blow candles on my birthday cake. haha 
Alright, will update more with photos in next post =)

Wish to get more wisdom this year to pass my exams beautifully. Wish to burn the extra fat in my body and learn to make myself look more tidy to disallow people to use the world ugly to describe me. I am gonna live on this earth for less than 100 years, I don't wish to suffer so much. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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