Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The tourists

I watched [ The Tourist ] on the last day of 2010 at cinema that I have long never stepped in. I didn't know I was going to watch this movie until I was at the entrance when tickets are bought. Basically this movie has no climax and not very interesting. I thought it's gonna be the first movie that make me sleep in cinema but sadly no thought I have blanket with me. =)
The movie is all about Alexander Pearce that took the money of a triad leader and fled. He went for plastic surgery for everything including changing his voice and his accent from British to American. At the end, he still got away. It actually reminds me of the movie of Leonardo De Caprio's Catch me if you can. However, the latter is much more awesome. 
This movie took scene at Venice, the city of water!! Everything looks so pretty over there and I wanna go!! I don't think I could survive over there as driving a boat isn't easy and costly, and I don't know how to swim. haha That's the most important point whereby I might just drown.
So tell me, how sexy thick lips are?? =D

Enough of Angelina Jolie's thick lips, let's talk about Johnny Depp. I seriously prefer his outfit in Alice in Wonderland or maybe in Pirates of the Caribbean than in The Tourist. 

Let's do savings for trip to Venice!! Hee-Haa~~ I need don don don~ Lastly, I have found strongbow in JB, that's so great. One day I should try it and taste the brew of 50 types of apple.

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