Monday, February 14, 2011

CNY 2011

It's a bit late to blog about my reunion lunch and dinner or my new year eve in other words. was a pretty busy day doing this and that. The weather was playing a trick on us as shiny day then suddenly rain again then shiny day. Rush the clothings in and out chasing for the sun. Apart from that, I did my revision for my final exam. Bloody hell, the 3 papers that I did continuously from Friday to Sunday, none of it could score and might fail. That's really so not fun. Exam during Chinese New Year is seriously so shit!! The worst CNY I ever had yet I am going to experience once more next year.

OK back to my reunion lunch. My sis worked for half a day so we waited for her and my sis and bro-in-law joined us too.
Abalone slices with oyster sauce. The one in white (maybe you can't see the colour) is nicer. 
It's a type of abalone too. 
All right, my favourite for this CNY. It's really nice. I once think Carlsberg in bottle in nice but now I fell in love in this.
I am waiting to try Strongbow. Hmmm...ain't alcoholic just wanna try out everything. However, I won't try guinness stout but it's ok if cook with pork ribs..LOL

My Chinese New Year celebration for this year is like celebrating Christmas ( eve and actual day). Basically, I only had my real CNY on the first day. As usual we would go to temple but somewhere nearer without traffic jam. Thank god, the rain stopped on new year eve so outings went smoothly on that day. Our next activity after praying and makan, we went to sing K. It's so fun where the whole shop only us though we still sing in 1 small room but with free flow drinks. After that went for dinner with my aunts' family. Hmmm...again I like to visit Jusco on the first day of CNY and always there will be long queue at cinema ticket counter.    
I like pearls so I could only substitute it with pearl-like-beads =(  I find jade pendant is nice too.
This's my outfit on that day.
My forehead is shown!! =)
Alright it's 14th February, Happy Valentine's to all couples under the sun. May you are loving eternity. As for singles, may you find the right person soon. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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