Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hanfu 漢服

Gong Xi Fa Cai once again...The costume I am wearing is Hanfu 漢服 which is the authentic costume of Chinese.
Take note: Cheongsam旗袍 doesn't belong to Chinese but other ethnic.
My sis said, I look funny in this outfit. T.T

I bet you must have noticed our photographer from the mirror reflection. No doubt, that's our ah sei. LOL

OK, he is the one that brought the hanfu for us to try. He is trying his best to let more people know about Hanfu. Well, does he look like those sissy designer adjusting the costume for models? 
I would share more information about Hanfu if I can to create awareness!! Yes, awareness about our real traditional costume inherited since long long ago. We must practice this culture like how Japanese wears Kimono and Korean wears Hanbok during festive season and important events. 
Lastly is the group photo of the models and photographer+hanfu supplier. If you are enthusiastic to know more about hanfu right now, please go to this blog.  

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