Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Papa John's

I am back from my little getaway after exam and shall blog about where have I been to in coming posts. Let me rewind back to the day after V-day, 15th Feb. We had a mini foundation classmates' gathering at Jusco Bandaraya Papa John's. There's long story before we actually decided to shift to Papa John's. It's kinda disappointed for not meeting other classmates who are graduating this year. 
Top left - Breadstix
Top right - Cheesestix (I expect it to be real cheesy but it wasn't =.= )
I guess it is clear enough to know the dishes at bottom left and right 
I couldn't remember what pizza is this so does the pizza in the picture below. They do taste yummy.
Enough of food temptation, it's time for portrait photography. We could hardly gather so for sure we gotta seize the opportunity to play with the camera. Blackstone gave its full cooperation on that day.

It was a public holiday and campus' library was closed so we met two friends at Jusco's mini library.
Good luck to my friends who are graduating this year. I couldn't meet them in campus anymore after my internship. So, hope that we could meet up again later in some special occasions like their weddings. LOL 
It's nice to meet everyone and make my campus life even more colourful. =)  

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