Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My days

I hope it's not to late to congrats our Datuk Lee Chong Wei for successfully defended the All England's crown!! The first Malaysian player who got the crown for more than once. You deserved a big round of applause plus a big loud praise from me. You look charming with your badminton racket. XD 
The scarification of sleeping time on that night was worthwhile. 21-17 21-17 were the scores of that match. He must be so happy that he has finally defeated Lin Dan in a big competition. The next day I went to office and the door is still locked then I thought there's a public holiday. Ya, there's history for public holiday declaration after winning a soccer match. At the same time, it continuously becomes the joke amongst the citizens. 

Finally my friends visited me after my 2 weeks of internship. We went for dinner and window shopping. It's fun but tiring though. Initially we planned to go for seafood on the next day but didn't really make a decision. However, my carelessness indirectly helped the plan moved on successfully. On the way to the seafood restaurant, there's a car accident at the opposite direction. Life is fragile, the motorcyclist died on the spot and we saw how the police officer cover the dead with black plastic and carried it. Maybe government should subsidize more on small cars and encourage people to go for small cars at least. Motorbike is seriously way too dangerous compared to cars. 

Talking about the seafood. My tummy is growing bigger and bigger but still I ate almost 1 whole big crab. I was enjoying my meal without caring about my image. It was a costly meal but a nice and worthy meal. No photos for both days. I was beat, add on the lighting isn't good for shooting. 
Picture that I took earlier but it's the same =)
Take years to develop a site but seconds to destroy everything.
Lastly, let's concern about the nuclear blast in Japan. Be careful of the radiation as it might come to Malaysia through wind blow. We must salute the disciplinary of Japanese especially during the disaster. Japan amazed the world! I think only Japan can do this best. I am kind of speechless after viewing the picture of Ultraman trying to run away from the tsunami wave. It's not funny but shameful. 

I am a well blessed fat lady =) All the best to Japan and the world.

Wisdom is only found in truth

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