Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bad translation

I am hereby to apologize to Mr. President of China for the wording on the board. Now, I wish to declare that this is definitely not the standard of the Chinese in Malaysia. Until now, I am still too shock to accept this reality. How could this big mistake be done at this official ceremony?? 

Are you kidding? I wish this is a prank but it is not. The whole sentence is just too wrong and couldn't even form a proper sentence. So, how do you expect Mr. Wen to understand it? 
Just in case you couldn't see the words clearly, close up the words for you. 

Wondering how they translate it? Where did they get the translation? Here you go. 
So tell me now, where has gone the Chinese in Malaysia? Why couldn't they ask a Chinese before they printed out the wording? OK, if you don't trust a commoner but you may ask MCA members at least, am I right? This is so gonna be a global joke and headlines. 

The purpose of setting 1Malaysia is to bring the people to work together as one as unity brings strength. Apparently, it doesn't work. You and I know the answer very well. It's time for you to reconsider the importance of Chinese Malaysian of the nation and our position. Please think wisely!! Know your limits and don't shoot your own feet!! 

Declaration : This is not the Chinese standard of the nation, definitely NOT!!!!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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