Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Let's enjoy early English afternoon tea at 130pm at Vivo City's Coffee Bean. It's nice to sip coffee and enjoy my lovely non-working Saturday.  
It's my ice blended coffee caramel and scone.
This scone is a bit over dry so not that tasty. It is unlike the scone I ate before *disappointment*
Blueberry Muffin..don't you think it looks like as if molded? haha
Here comes the Macadamia nuts cookie...crispy!! 

I wish to enjoy this kind of high tea at least once a week, can I? I had fell in love with coffee but couldn't drink much as my skin will be darker. Oh, this is so not awesome. 
This came few hours after the lunch as afternoon tea. I know this should be lunch and the part at Coffee Bean should be hi-tea instead. Fried carrot cake can be found at any food court in Singapore, all serve similar taste. 
I start to miss the fish soup from Lot 1's food court at Choa Chu Kang. 
This is the French dessert - Macarons. It's not cheap and not nice too =.= I bought it from Jurong Point's The Icing Room. Maybe next time I should try from other bakery. Or should I go Paris...
Tosai as next day's breakfast at Jurong Point's mamak stall, right beside the MRT station. I never fancy the taste of tosai but still I ordered it and ate only nearly half of it only. =.= However, it did not go wasted but ate up by others. haha 

Updating weekly just like writing weekly report. it's tiring. I need more energy to carry on. 

Buddy: Did you exercise? 
Me: No..lazy
Buddy: No wonder fat lah

Yen: Did you go diet? 
Me: No wor...susah (I answered this when I just finished my lunch at McD with my colleagues) 
Yen: HAIYO!!!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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