Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's fine to pamper yourself with nice food and enjoy the whole meal. The word, diet will not be with me whenever yummy food is served right in front of me. I should be good to myself =)
It's shark fin soup. You may mix in vinegar, red wine, Guinness stout or just leave it plain, follow your own preference. 
This Nyonya styled fish is really nice. It's o-m-g delicious that can be overjoyed after eating it. 
Two flavored shrimps - butter and normal? I like the one on the right though the one on the left are shell-less.
Sea cucumber and some other ingredients. The sea cucumber is so smooth that melts immediately in the mouth. 
Beijing roasted duck. The best in town, I guess.  
Red wine is one of my favourite liquors. My uncle instructed me to take this glass of with the dish. Hey hey, obviously I don't have the right sense to capture it with nice angle. haha Anyhow, I am not pro...

Just randomly post something to keep my blog active =) 

Sis: Hey you, it's time for you to find a boyfriend. 
Me: =.= Waiting..

Buddy: Why are you so free to online? 
Me: Huh? Any problem? 
Buddy: Go find boyfriend lah...don't always online at home
Me: Do you think it's as easy as doing marketing? Pick and buy?
Buddy: Who ask you last time don't want to come out yum my friends no more single, all double

Wisdom is only found in truth

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