Saturday, April 02, 2011


Taken in the morning, on the way to office

A month has passed, which means I have joined the office as an internship trainee for a month. I was assigned to do simple accounts for a company. How should I say? I am treated like a permanent staff without looking at the allowance. Everyone is good and nice. Seniors really have good patience to teach me because I seriously asked too many questions. I don't deny that I am noob. My stupidness and carelessness really bring loads of trouble to me. 

The sunset view after office hours, on the way back home

We will share something with each other during lunch time or office hour. Have a small chat when anyone feels sleepy. 1pm-3pm is a freaking sleepy time especially after lunch. Lack of oxygen in the brain makes me can hardly open my eyes and yawn non-stop. A cup of coffee in the morning before work is a MUST now. Completely a coffee lover now! 

I wear dress or skirt most of the time. It's inconvenient though when I need to squat down to dig for invoices. No worries, all ladies at my office except the boss and his partner. I was told to wear formal but it's not so when I reached there on the first day. So, I started to wear casually. haha
I have learnt quite a lot of things including contact client via phone calls. No more fears in calling them anymore!! 
Can you feel my fatigue?? My glasses isn't

That's me, photo taken in this morning before I left for work. It was a nice weather to continue hide under the blanket yet I was forced to wake up. We are allowed to wear casually [ tee + short pants ] to work. I got my paycheck before knocked off. It isn't a big amount of money but the first paycheck I ever got it from my first job in my life. oh dearly!! My first job, a full time job!! No excitement but suddenly feel that my hard work is paid off. Now, I start to count my allowance for the comings months if I do work overtime. Paycheck is the only push for me to go to work now..haha

Lastly share a song with you. BigBang's Tonight!!!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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