Sunday, April 03, 2011

Malaysian's English

My English language is bad, I must admit it. From writing to speaking, my grammar is poor and my pronunciation is bad. There's once I met an European tourist at Melaka bus station and she asked me for the bus company. We took the same bus coincidentally and sat side by side. Everything was fine until she started the conversation with me. Things that I fear most occurred. I must reply and introduce some places from my hometown to show Malaysian is friendly. Out of the sudden, she praised me for my good English. I was stunned but overjoy in my heart. She said so because the people she had met couldn't understand her words or speak proper English. She did mention about my grammar and pronunciation, and she said it's good. In my heart I was thinking, are you serious ah? [I have told this story before in my blog]

I am gonna show you a Taiwan's news video, talking about the English abilities of the people in the world. What surprised me the most is Malaysia actually got top ranking in Asia for non-English speaking countries. I must admit, most of the educated people in Malaysia could read and converse English. It might not be fluent but sentences that can make everyone understands. Malaysian do know many languages without mastering it, some yes and some no. Obviously, Singapore is not included. 

Click here to view. Let's give a round of applause to Malaysia. I don't know how they get data and the accuracy of it...I should start polishing my English, both writing and speaking, increase the number of vocabulary as well. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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