Monday, April 18, 2011


Finally I stepped into the cinema to enjoy a good movie once again. The opening of the movie made me go wow wow WOW non-stop. It's so beautiful and hilarious! Thumbs up for them. It brings you around Brazil. 

It's a story of those beautiful birds (all species) and a group of syndicates. Blu was left behind accidentally and kept as a pet by Linda. 
Blu met his friends and he fell for Jewel, the last female bird of his species. Many things happened in between that awaits you to find it out in the cinema =) 
He was trying very hard to skate to save his love. Go Blu~!!
The Toucan on the left is Rafael and bulldog on the right is Luiz. His saliva is so sticky..ewww~ 
Oh dear, I love the monkey king where he wore those stolen golden watch and rings on his body then dance together with his group. A golden watch as belt looks so cute on it and doesn't look like ah beng ah seng. =.= 
Monkeys do know how to text using iPhone, OK!! They are well trained monkeys.

I told you I love cartoons. My colleague said, I heard you laughing from the beginning of the movie to the end. My oh my, it's a really nice movie and very funny as well. Alright now, I am waiting for Kungfu Panda 2. Keep faith =) 

The first 2 minutes of Rio movie..Enjoy!!!

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