Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zero Degree Cafe

Finally I am willing to spare some time to blog. These 4 friends went outing on one fine day and decided to have lunch/dessert at this shop. We saw good and bad comments from the cafe's facebook's fan page so we went to find out. 

The interior of the cafe is quite simple, white colour is the theme. They do provide some signboards as props for photography session. Services of the cafe reach satisfactory, I believe they have improved after receiving the critics and comments on facebook. 

It is the famous Taiwanese dessert, spot the taro balls and sweet potato balls. Frankly speaking, the balls are a bit hard and not easy to chew. Below is layered by ice and grass jelly. I am disappointed with this, honestly. 
There's a story behind this picture, I have two assistants in helping me to provide lighting to the dish by using their cellphone. Thanks so much!! Maybe it's time for me to get a flashgun? 
I have no idea what is the taste of the bean-curd, I guess should be OK since my friend finished the whole bowl. Erhem, mine left 3 quarters untouched except the melted ice. I started to cut the grass jelly with the spoon. After that, I switched my attention to the games inside my friend's iTouch. 

I have no comments on those food but hoping for better improvements. However, they are presentable, aren't they? 

This picture tells you our opinion towards the food of the cafe. Shall we patronize it again? Maybe yes or no, it depends. I shall wait for sometime for better comments on it first. However, it's a nice place for friends' gathering. 

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