Sunday, May 22, 2011


2AM was in Wisma MCA last night and I was there too. #2AMinMY
The very first time I ever went to a Korean artist's showcase.
Thanks to #DigiLiveKpop
(only this photo is from my friend and others were adapted from the internet) 
That's the fake Petronas Twin tower birthday cake for the May birthday boys
(third left onwards) JinWoon, ChangMin and SeulOng 
We sang Korean version of Happy Birthday song to them.
ChangMin's english is really good. 
Seulong is the tallest and the most shy member among them from my p.o.v..
*screaaaaaam* I can't believe I listen their live singing and see them in real.
I feel that I am a teen once again. So young~! 
There were so many rounds of 'skinship' session with the members of 2AM. I envy those girls that can see them so clearly and hear them clearly and erhem..hug them. LOL 
Kkap Kwon is forever funky!! oh yeah~~~ Those girls got the posters with 2AM's signature on it. oh dearly, can I have one too? 

Watch the videos below and experience what I have experienced it.

You must watch epic!!

We were told DSLR is not allowed to bring into the hall. Are you kidding me? You should have put up a notice before that telling us DSLR is prohibited and only digital compact camera is allowed. Why didn't you do so? I didn't place my camera's battery at the counter and smuggled the battery in successfully. Too bad, the securities were really doing their job and they were so strict. I don't dare to pull Blackstone out from my bad. SO DAMN SAD!!!! I didn't get to take pictures of the boys. #DigiLiveKpop this is your fault!!! 

This event triggers me to get one smartphone as soon as possible. Besides that, they make you learnt compact camera is good enough for you to bring to any concert and showcase. BOOOO..I don't agree with that nonsense. Why media are allowed to bring DSLR in and stood at the front row whereas we couldn't? What's wrong with that? I suppose artists need publicity and popularity? 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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