Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jacky's Dessert Cafe

Are you Jay Chou's big fan like me? Do you anticipate for his new album like I do?? Friend posted a link on my facebook's wall and I clicked into it. I opened up the page's album and I was thrilled by the pictures. JAY CHOU is everywhere at the cafe. 

They were playing Jay Chou's Taiwan concert's DVD. You see him and you hear him as well. The boss used Jay's favourite pink as the theme of the cafe. All posters on the wall are with signatures and with the boss' name written on it as well. There are a few duo photos of the boss and Jay on the wall. Hey so cool, I wanna meet Jay Chou in near future with zero distant between us. XD

T-shirt sold at concert. Interested in buying it? Find the boss.

He placed all his collections of Jay Chou in his shop. Don't you think this is really risky? What if any piece is missing? 
I personally like this corner of this cafe. The ambiance is much better. 

She is the daughter of the boss who performed few Jay Chou's songs at our table. She is really adorable. The boss told us the daughter listen to Jay Chou ever since she was in the mother's womb. Hey, isn't that awesome? 

Alright, we do drink and eat at the cafe. Somehow, the food and beverage are really big disappointment for us. EWWWW I told the boss straight that the thing is bland and tasteless. 
What does it look like to you? 
I stay with my usual order, hot honey lemon.

Pimples are haunting me again. Nightmare!!!! A long weekend ahead, annyeong!! 

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