Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mama's Day

I had my first round of mother's day celebration at Arashi Shabu-shabu restaurant at Aeon Tebrau City. The kimchi broth was quite nice. Thanks sis who paid the tab on that day. =) 
The appetizer before the main course was served. It is cheese maki and it is seriously so yummy. Sushi is made of rice and it shouldn't melt inside your mouth but it did. I love it! 

How is this lamb? But I don't eat mutton and beef. 
Inside the money bag is fish meat. Hmmm it's not easy to get it fully cooked. 
I like to eat mushrooms especially Enoki mushrooms and button mushrooms.
Proudly present to you the special beef roll.

We had great time enjoying our big feast on that day. A nice and sumptuous luncheon. 
How is my outfit for the day? I love the top from Billabong =) 
#mamasays Please clean your room and toilet!!!! XD 

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