Friday, May 27, 2011

Korean food

I spent a fruitful weekend in KL last weekend. I did check in Ayer Keroh Toll and there are some construction works going on. So, I did say hi and bye to Melaka within 15 minutes after 3 months' time. 

The dinner on Friday's night was Yong Tau Foo, not from Ampang but at Puchong. It's still nice too. Looking at how that 8 years old boy enjoyed his meal, I feel so happy. He is really cute. 

I had a very full dinner on that night. I guess Uncle Lee paid the tab, so thanks uncle!! =) We had a long chat session with Jess' mum while others were doing their stuffs and males were watching TV at downstairs.

OK last Saturday was an important day for us so we got up quite early. Our breakfast was Roti Prata. Roaming at the house really gave me the feeling that I was at my aunty's house. The feeling is so similar. Seriously, Jess' parents are friendly and fun. LOL

We settled our lunch at a Korean restaurant at Times Square, opposite of Cold Storage (beside Kim Gary as well). Hmmm, we were the only one patronage that restaurant.
 Our beloved Kpop stars photos on the wall. They were the reason that made us changed our seats.

This is like our satay celup. I guess this is the one selling at Korea roadside stall
that show in most Korean dramas. 
The crew of the restaurants kept offering help to refill kimchi, so how could I say no?
This is not sushi but kimbap in Korean. 
This is my kimchi ramyeon in the famous golden pot. (without the pot cover though)
The quantity of ddeokbokgi is seriously so little. Anyhow, it's for one person.
We bought 1 tee each from F.O.S after not knowing where to go.
That's the only thing that I hunted from Times Square.
Nothing really caught my eyes for this trip there. Good news though.

After that we went to Chatime for a drink. It's actually selling Taiwanese bubble tea and the pearl is really chewy and nice. It's pronounced as Cha-Time which means Tea-Time ( Cha = Tea ). The red bean bubble tea is nice but when could I ever taste it again? I bought one original flvour donut from Krispy Kreme after that. I love to eat!! 

Malaysia' LRT system has improved because certain stations look clean so does the train. I must deduct marks for the sudden stop of the escalator at Ampang Park's station. The sudden stop nearly make everyone falls, did you know that? Why isn't there any gate at the Time Square's monorail station to prevent passenger fall onto the track before the monorail reach the platform? It's very dangerous!! The examination of bus tickets at Bandar Tasik Selatan's bus station made me speechless. They were standing at the escalator. 

Thanks to the family who accommodates me for the past weekends. They made me feel home and warm. It's wonderful. Watching Avatar for 3 days made me had a nightmare of Avatar. Therefore, everything is perfect other than Avatar. hahaha Neomu kamsahamnida!! 

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