Monday, June 27, 2011


 I bought the fabric months ago and my initial plan was not this. However, I saw my colleague using something like this then I feel like sewing one for myself since I have everything ready. No idea how to decorate it, so put some buttons to make a flower. 

Dad : What are you doing? (Seeing me with the materials sitting on the floor) 
Wann : I wanna sew something? 
Dad: Sew? Are you sure? Aiya did you learn? Please go to a sewing class. 
Wann : Why?
Dad: Because you will sew with really slow speed.
Wann : =.= 

No denial for my improper sewing skills but it's ok since I am not joining any competition or selling it so I am fine with it. I sew it simply to make things look more tidy inside my handbag and make things less awkward. =) I guess you should have know the purpose for the pouch from the first picture from the right, are you?

This is a thing that never will be completed until I manage to get the same thread again. I might just pull it out and make something else since I have left it in that condition for almost a year =)

Wisdom is only found in truth

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