Monday, June 13, 2011

Pineapple Desire Cupcakes

The baking fever is still burning and boiling. I couldn't stop myself from baking when I have all the ingredients ready. This recipes requires more effort as I need to dice the pineapple which took some time. The writer recommended bigger cup but I remain with the cups I have at home. 
The colour of the cupcakes don't look that brownish like previous recipe and it is softer too. As usual, I am not an obedient chef who follow the recipe exactly. Therefore, my cakes end up a bit oily. Yes, it is oily but it won't be too dry. =D I must adjust the recipe before I bake for the second time. The smell of pineapple is very weak!! Simple recipe makes me think that baking is easy somehow it's a very good first step for me. I did bake a chocolate cake as my friend's birthday cake when I was 16. Can you imagine I dare to give my friend that cake?? haha 

Feel like getting a culinary course and earn that cert for course completion. How cool is that?! I should start learning the decoration on top of cupcakes to make them more presentable. 

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