Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Pumpkin Seeds Honey Cupcakes

This is the 600th post so gonna blog something fun here. I have a very good mood since yesterday, beats me why. However, it's a good sign though I still make mistakes at work. 

Last Thursday and Friday boss and lady boss were out of town so we were like so happy playing around at the office. Of course, we don't forget to do our works. Colleague brought her cupcakes' recipe book to the office for us to have a look. We flipped the book and picked 1 recipe each then photocopied that particular page. I chose the easiest recipe, at least I think it is. 

It's like waiting for baby to grow up and no idea how would it be.
It raised and the fragrant smell covered the kitchen. 
The recipe stated 12 cups but I managed to do 15 cups instead.
I didn't follow the exact measurement of the recipe but plus minus.
Recipe asked to use sunflower seeds but I use pumpkin seeds somehow it tastes good too. 
This is the honey I have been drinking lately.
A cup of hot honey drink per day is a must (if and only if I remember).
Honey from Eu Yan Sang.
This is the second bottle I have drank.
You need to taste it and know how good it is. 

I was really in my good mood I guess. I baked the cake immediately after work meanwhile reheat some food for my dinner. After that, I did laundry and washed my bathroom before showering. Sweating is fun!! Nothing is happier than mama praising my cupcake tastes really yummy. Hee-haa!!! 

Gonna bring a few for colleagues tomorrow. Wanna try some?! XD

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