Thursday, June 30, 2011

Terra-Cotta Warriors

I saw advertisement about Terra Cotta's exhibition on the TV inspires me to share this post. Do you know what is Terra Cotta?
We should thank Emperor QinShiHuang for these historical items though many life were sacrificed for building all these things. We hired a tour guide to do the briefing throughout the whole tour inside the museum. The most irritating part was people who didn't pay for it stood in front of us and made us can't hear and can't see. Boo~
This is the first pit where they developed in year 1976 at Shaanxi, Xi'an, China.

Did you notice the arrow? The place where the arrow pointed at was the place where the farmer discovered the terra-cotta and brought it up to the authorities. Thereon, they discovered everything there. Before he did, people did dig some terra-cotta out but they either thought it is monster or deity. Besides that, nobody really pay attention on these things until the right time in 1976 the whole thing was discovered. 
 I can't remember whether the ones with the square based are authentic ones or the ones without it. So either one =)
 Alright the camera doesn't focus at my face but it is OK. I was so close with them but couldn't reach them yet.
This is Pit 2 where they have better skills and more experiences in maintaining and digging the place. Therefore, the terra-cotta warriors in Pit 2 and Pit 3 are in better conditions as they are not exposed under the sun. 
Those terra-cotta warriors were built according to the actual size of people at those time. Can you imagine how tall and how big size our ancestors were? They were really HUGE!!! At this corner, they teach you how to differentiate the warriors according to their outfit. You would know their status through their outfit. 

This discovery brings better life to the farmers living at Shaanxi. 
I saw the old man, the farmer who discovered the terra-cotta and brought it up to the authorities. He is illiterate but he managed to sign his name and wrote date on the book we bought. 
Start to imagine how nice would it be if this photo is taken in Europe or the State. hahaha However, the scenery is still very nice. It was only 11 degree Celsius, for me it was cold like hell.  
 Again, how I wish this photo is taken in any street of Seoul, Korea. It's kind of alike in my hallucination.
Well for this picture, maybe it looks like somewhere in Australia not until you see the fake terra-cotta warriors behind me. LOL
It's this kind of coin pressing machine again. The first experience was in Bank Negara Malaysia and second experience was Hong Kong Disneyland. So now, let me make it three. 
 I wanted to make all since it is only RMB1 per coin. But, I made only one and not to waste extra money on it.
So many stalls selling souvenirs. There are a lot more than this row, all of them selling the same things but not selling at the same price. You gotta play smart!
Lastly, the persimmons were really so sweet and nice. Besides that, the real red date fruit before drying it is nice too. It tastes like a tiny apple. That's the end of this post.

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