Friday, June 03, 2011

Tutti Frutti

 Saw many friends updated facebook about this shop so we went. 
It is a self service yoghurt selling shop.
 Pick a cup size that you want and then fill the cup with your favourite yoghurt 
you may mix all but beware, 100gm = RM5.30
the more yoghurt you put inside your cup
the more you gonna pay

*Take at your own risk*
 We were like keeping our eyes on the weighing machine follow by cashing machine.
People enjoyed filling the cups but we enjoyed guessing for the price. 
There's one girl licking the yoghurt before she paid, isn't that a very good idea? 
 How is my pomegranate yoghurt decorated with M&M and chocolate rice? 
I like to pull my fringe to the back when my fringe is long but it is now back to short bangs once again.

It is normal to be scolded if you have done something wrongly. I apologized for my mistake and error, allow you to lecture me even though you and I don't know each other. BUT you are at no position to judge me and said I CAN'T DO WORK [that fella spoke in Hokkien]. I seriously think I need ginkgo to improve my memory for all stuffs to save myself. A phone call spoilt my mood for the whole day. I have no idea did the worker peep at the documents that made the boss so pissed off. Regardless of how frustrated you are, you have no right to be so rude to me. CAN'T EVEN DO WORK. That sentence lingering in my mind while I drove myself home, but luckily I still remember to step on the brake pedal when I need to. You and I are stranger, mind you!!! 

Ain't gonna be defeated by you. This is one of the challenges I must pass through in my life. You are no one to pull me down and make me fall. I need to be stronger after this. 
Suddenly missing the warm wrinkled big hand that use to pat my back, comfort me and ask me what happen when I cry. How are you, grandpa? 

Ranting stops here. Au revoir!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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