Sunday, July 10, 2011


A year has passed and it is 710 once again. Happy Birthday to all 710 babies including myself.

I took this photo in the morning of 710. Crown with a birthday cake, how lovely.

This year I am going to show only one artist here, he is none others but Kim Hee Chul from Super Junior!!

 That's his Lady Hee Hee outfit for some Super Show 3 concerts worldwide. The real Lady Gaga praised him for the nice hair ribbon too.
 Lastly, Happy Birthday to Mr.Low and myself. Thanks dear friends for the cake and the fun on that night. It was a great night!!
I had so much fun on this lovely weekend. I party on both Friday and Saturday then I left the actual birthday for me to rest at home to reply comments on facebook and to blog. Staying at home with family and playing with little niece made my birthday rather meaningful. Thanks people, appreciated!! The photo above is a spoiler for the outings and will blog about it soon. 

Stay tuned!! 

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