Monday, July 25, 2011

Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore

Which cartoon family do I love most? You could score 100 marks for this question if you know me well. The answer is the lovely Peanuts!! I passed by the Charlie Brown Cafe at Somerset for twice but never enter into the cafe before. Therefore, we planned and went. 
You may create your own slush but it is only valid on weekdays. So, visit the cafe during weekdays and lesser people too.
You have the characters watching you eating from the ceiling. These are not the entire family members. 
Linus' blanket, do you remember?? The boy who carries his blanket wherever he goes if not he will feel extremely uneasy. 
How nice to have the cartoon characters printed on the table each. The table with snoopy picture was occupied but I managed to take a quick snap on it when they left. 
 The sandwich looks very nice and healthy. You may try it if you are following a diet plan. =)

This is Lucy's strawberries pancake. I am seriously dissatisfied with the white liquid beside the pancake when I saw others were ice-cream. I have no idea what it is as I couldn't taste what it is either.
Behind me was a stall selling handmade crafts. Do you know amigurumi? Those plush toys are knitted using that method and all of them are so cute!! I like the monkey the most.

It's a must to take picture with Charlie Brown and Snoopy before leaving the cafe, isn't it? 

100plus was doing some promotions along the streets as there were few of them carrying the big tank and distributing free100plus for pedestrians. 
I was just dreaming and pretending I was in Thailand with that hand gesture. hahaha There were two girls doing photo shooting using that cafe as background after buying a cone of ice-cream. Most of them dressed nicely and trendy but then I was the only one wore like as though I am going to any convenient store downstairs. 

There are a lot more nice cafes and restaurants which I am gonna visit them one by one next time. Wait for me!! Just take MRT as it brings you anywhere~ If you wanna visit this cafe, take MRT to Somerset station and turn left after the exit. 

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