Thursday, July 21, 2011

Clinic theme cafe

This is the place to play till you satisfied or crazy and nobody will care about that. You may laugh or cry loudly as you like. I somehow pay attention to foul words and scoldings only. That's weird, I know 'cause I don't really fancy it.

No idea what to write for this post so just show you a few photos with short captions.
 The first time playing this board game was fun but not this time round. haha Nobody was in the mood playing the game however this game is quite nice though.
I bet you must have played this monkey game before. Did you see the dice? Throw the dice to see which colour of the stick you need to pick out. Player that make more monkeys drop from the tree will be the loser. It is challenging!! 
Some of them really enjoyed sitting and rolling the wheel chair everywhere in the restaurant. One of them even miss the time using it.
Spin it and decide the command for you. She was the commander for the boys' turn.
Did the boys enjoy the game? Beats me why are they looking at the window. haha
A very big thank you to girls and boys for this simple yet meaningful birthday gathering for me and dummy (fyi we share the same birth date). I love polaroid. Should I get one too?
Inside these boxes are chocolates, souvenirs from Taiwan. Can you guess which one did I pick among these?
Lovely cake from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for us. Hey, it's my favourite cheese cake!!! I am so happy that people do remember which cake do I like. 

Show you the conversation between my sis and I before my birthday (and also before they bought me the cake) 
Sis: What cake do you want for your birthday?
Me: Cheesecake from Coffee Bean.
Sis: OK, just a piece for you.
Me: =.= 

In the end, she bought tiramisu green tea cake for me on the exact day. I can't describe the taste as it tasted so awful. Somehow, I appreciate their efforts =) Thanks!! 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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