Saturday, July 02, 2011

El Migos

It was a friend's birthday celebration at El Migos Mexican restaurant. I actually looking forward for this day to meet with friends and have a nice talking and laughing session. However, throat was so sore on that day which completely spoiled my mood for that night. 

All I did was eating then soul flying to nowhere to be seen. The food for the branch in Tebrau City is nicer than the branch in Sutera Mall. For the restaurant's layout, both are different with each other.
 Thanks Yek Fah for helping us to take this photo. I like the colour of this picture =) 
 A group picture for the gals on that night. There's a reason for why do we pose peace!? 

No way to end a day at just one place so we moved on to Pappa Rich cafe. It provides some board games for bonding as well. Wen Yin, the birthday girl's family was there too to celebrate her birthday. Sorry ya, didn't take any picture with the birthday girl. 
We have the same height but I played cheat 'cause wearing heels on that night. 
I look so gigantic standing beside her. Wearing heels did not make me look slimmer.
So, it's time to go on a diet plan.

Falling sick is the best time to cut down on food consumption. I should grab this golden opportunity to lose some weigh. =) I had a farewell party for my colleague at Red Box and Panadol actifast save my pretty night. 
Share the photos here once I got them. Bye~! 

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