Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grill Bar

I have decided to give myself and my family a treat for my birthday. Therefore, I bought vouchers online and went there since that restaurant is highly recommended by my friend. We went there straight after picking me up from office so there's umpteen time for us to locate the restaurant. Uh-huh, indeed I found the restaurant after I saw 7-eleven. 

Warning!! The photos' quality is really bad =) 
 I like this little decoration on the table. It's a candle holder and reminds me of Universal Studio Singapore. The Egyptians~ 
 Now, I am going to show you the 3 course meal that I had on that night. Before that, let me say something about the interior. It's quite well decorated with those little things in the restaurant and pictures on the wall. The dimness gives you a certain romantic ambience and comfy. 

The restaurant was quite empty when I arrived but some places were already reserved like I did. Looking at everyone, they seem like patronized for many times and enjoying their meals happily.
This is the appetizer of the day, salad. I must say I love this salad though the thousand island sauce is fattening. I shall try it at home next time.
Okay, this was our main course on that night. Mama doesn't really like it as she expected grilled chicken should be crispy but juicy and not this way. For me, it is quite alright 'cause I am always a big fan of potatoes.
Brother likes this pudding and he finds it cute. haha The top layer of pudding impressed me and made me go, ''Eh nice leh''. The only thing I don't like is the iced lemonade.

The service of the restaurant is really good, they are really friendly and make you feel welcome. For food wise, it's nice but very normal. Maybe it is because I put too high expectation on the food after seeing so many comments. The portion seriously filled me full up to the throat..burp~!! Is the whole meal worth for the price paid? Hmmm...I have no idea either. 

1 appetizer + 1 main course + 1 dessert + 1 glass of beverage = RM40 

Somehow I enjoyed throughout the whole meal. I ate like a queen. =)
I don't mind to put on weight for the sake of nice food.

I recommend this restaurant for their services and the environment. You could enjoy your meal slowly and have a nice bonding time with you loved ones. Enjoy!! 

No. 202 Jalan Sri Pelangi. Taman Pelangi 80400. Johor Bahru 
Contact Number for reservation : +607-3333400

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