Sunday, July 31, 2011

Puff Garden

Hurray, second visit to Puff Garden but first time dining there. It was lunch hour but we had our brunch at home so only puffs and beverages were ordered. This meeting was another meaningful gathering as my friend just came back from UK. She has completed her studies and I am so proud of her. Erhem, I sound like a mum. 

Eat the puff and you can be a power puff girl !! Be the perfect one. haha If so happen that you are a female. 
The environment of the cafe is quite comfy and nice. It is all in white even the furniture and decorated by artificial flowers and leaves to make it really look like a garden. 
From left : Japanese mocha cream puff, Japanese strawberry mochi puff and Chocolate mint cream puff 
I reckon the puff size has became smaller than previous. However, the prices of the puff remain the same. This is so not good. Another thing I must rant is the speed of serving the beverages to customers. We waited for more than 15 minutes. They seriously should hire 1 more crew at the counter. 

 Eiffel Tower key chains...they look lovely, don't they? 
I got this as souvenir from my friend from Europe. It is a magnet !! So nice, isn't it?? 

We went for badminton very spontaneously after the little tea-break session. Finally I get to meet friends that I didn't meet up for very long time. I seriously had a good laugh and had fun while playing badminton. After that we went to Mcdonald's for refreshment or should name it as early dinner. I learnt something the situation of other firms too. The sharing session was really nice. I want more!!!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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