Thursday, July 07, 2011

Puff Garden

I recommended the durian puffs from Geographer Cafe to my colleague last month. From thereon, I was seriously craving for puffs, yes any puff. This afternoon was chatting with my colleague then they told me there's a new puff shop at Mount Austin. Delighted! 

Hopped on the car and asked mummy about the shop then she brought me there. Thanks mummy!

These are the durian puffs. There are a lot more of different flavours of puff but I chose this. 
This is the Japanese styled puff with green tea, red bean and custard cream. I personally think this is too creamy for me. 
This is the peach flavored puff with the fruit in it too. I actually like how they decorate the puff with icing sugar, looks snowy and nice. 
Side view of the puff, it is big!! om nom nom...I want more~~ 

There's a corner in that cafe attracted me deeply. I will show you and tell you more about the restaurant after my next visit. I wanna try its main course. =) 

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