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I remember our first conversation was at the field, both wearing the sports' house purple polo-shirt. We didn't know each other were sitting two seats beside in the same class until we spoke on the second week of Form 1. Very soon, there's interview for prefect recruitment and we both got selected. From the day we started to change into the prefect's uniform, we wore it till the very last day of SPM. 
We went through canteen days, sport days and some other random occasions where we need to set up a mini stall to sell beverages to raise funds for our trip. In Form 5, we were subsidized by using the funds and went to HongKong for our early graduation trip. That's our first time boarding a plane and first time went overseas (if Singapore is not counted). Besides that, there're times we need to go for motivation camps and listen to those boring seminars/talks together. We were in the same class for only 3 years.
That's our dimsum breakfast in Hong Kong.
We were still so young.
This should be year 2008 during CNY at a place near to my house. 
We did play the pool but didn't win. 
I actually didn't really wanna show old photos but it helps in reminiscing the good memories.
Yes, I look pretty worn out in this photo as I was busy in event on the days they went to Melaka.
Not all friends are stay connected and meet up from very often. Or should I say not everyone still can chat endlessly after studying at different places after completed secondary school. However, this does not happen on us definitely more impossible after she became a K-pop fans and join me as a DSLR owner. I don't know since when the two of us team up with another 2 friends as YumCha Kaki. They were her Form 6 classmates and my campus-mates too. 
This is the Kaki, happily 38-ing at the cafe talking nonsense and joking.
She was the one invited me to join their gathering when they were still in Form 6
so I get to know more friends.
She knows I love Jay Chou so went to this Jay Chou themed cafe
to have a look.
Thank you for always sending me home and hear me crap all sort of nonsense. I am one day older than her but she is more sensible. haha I don't care where am I or when is it, she has to invite me as one of her sisters on her wedding day!!!! Wish you could find your prince charming real soon (I know you would be reading this post). 
We escaped to Charlie Brown Cafe on the Bersih day to celebrate
our birthday in advance.
This is the latest photo of us from last Saturday.
I actually have phobia to show old photos because they are too terrifying. Somehow, we need them to see the trasformation. haha This is the 10th year for our friendship and it will continue to go on till the end of my life, isn't it? So now after reading my post, are you afraid of becoming the character of my post, my dearest friends? 

Chingu, daebak!!! She is Yek Fah, the 7-eleven. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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