Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kukup Part 2

It's time to say goodbye to the lady boss. They had really prepared very nice meals for us. I actually didn't expect the bathroom would have water heater for us to shower. The only thing that freaks me out of the toilet was all dirt will be thrown directly into the sea/river. Quite ewww, isn't it? 

There's no way to leave without any group photo, isn't it? We posed and posed and posed, there are a lot more funny photos but I picked these three.
Doo..Doo~~ We have our bags on and rode on the boat to Kelong. I don't feel safe to walk on those floating wood paths. Therefore, I was walking like an old lady without her tongkat, not stable. 
It took me some courage to walk there and posed for photo. haha I don't really wanna swim with those fishes. 
We were looking at how the fishes spit water up to shoot the anchovies into the water and eat it. I must salute their good eye sight. 
Finish visiting and buying some local products, we went up to the quay to have our seafood luncheon feast.
Chili crab was the highlight of the day...

Little girl has her blade shaped bubbles blowing equipment.

OK, they gave me a nice memory for this first Kukup trip. Thanks !! Let me conclude this post with 3 photos.

Kukup is nice fish village. You need to be careful walking on the road as motorbikes or bicycles might be coming from your front or back at no time. There are really big bungalows in the water or just normal 1 level houses. Their similarities are they will turn on lights to make their houses look really bright and nice, and they don't shut their doors. It's a tourist spot and in Malaysia yet they dare to open their doors widely regardless those doing business or not doing business. In a nut shell, it's worth to pay a visit to Kukup and experience something different from urban life. 

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