Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yeah, finally I have time to sit down and type a new entry for this blog. Obviously I am gonna write about Kukup. This was a special trip for since I never been to kukup until I joined them in this trip. They gave me a sweet memory for my first visit to Kukup. 
 It was actually Corona's company trip but I tagged along. Therefore, all are strangers to me. However, they treated me really nice just like old friends. No awkwardness so sometimes you need to join strangers to let down your guard 100% and enjoy the moment.  
The person-in-charge of the parking lot ferry us to the destination using this looks-so-broken-van with the door left opened. Thank god the driver didn't speed and it was a less than 5 mins' journey. 
Alright, I am just too lazy to reupload this photo so just bear with it. This looks like those gate for temples or those in chinatown. That's where we entered into those house in the water. 
Every house will have a karaoke stereo system for you to blast the music as loud as you want where you can't possible to do it in the city. If you insist of doing it, don't be surprised to see someone torch your house with red paint. 

Ice-breaking is a must for the day. Follow on, we have few games.
6 persons in a group but given only 5 pieces of cardboard. We need to step on those 5 cardboards to reach another edge (from left to right). I actually watched it on TV before. 
Blowing balloons were really fun. Luckily I wasn't the one that needs to burst the balloons by sitting on them. 
The next game is roll the clay into the things given by the instructor. 
So what does it look like to you? I won again in this section. 
We were asked to tie the men's hair with rubber band, as many as possible. Hmmm, I got a shock when I touched his hair. The touch was like touching grass, so sorry to say that though mine isn't soft too. 
All females were asked to pose like beauty pageants. So, who has the sexiest legs? 
This is a must try food at Kukup. I have no idea how to call it in English, so just name it Fried Shrimp Cake.

Sunset and it's time for dinner.
 There's no need for us to barbeque it since the boss will do it
We just need to order whatever we want to eat
I live like a queen on that night
 I didn't eat any satay for ages 
felt so contented by sending the satay into my mouth
though it wasn't juicy
Fried scallops were awesome, alright?! They do serve Japanese food too. LOL 
 I like this jelly the most though colouring was added. It is not just jelly but with filling too, with different flavours.
They bought extra iced desserts from the shop outside. I reckon the mango's flavour was the best among those.

I love to eat squid squid SQUID. Should say I love seafood to be exact. 
 This is the only dish I didn't send into my mouth on that night. Why? I have no idea either.

Done with dinner and shower, night activities heat up the breezy night. 

A little birthday celebration for August's babies 
 These dices were not used for gambling but secret code game
the punishment was beer
 I can drink (maybe) but I don't really wanna drink beer
somehow I drank 5 cups on that night as punishment
She was drunk since she drank more than me. haha

I shall continue the second part of Kukup in later post. Stay tuned !

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