Saturday, September 17, 2011

Johnny English Reborn

Happy Malaysia's Day ~!! *blowing whistle..beeeee~~ beeee~~*
I just came back from Melaka. I found so many mistakes before and after the report submission, erm nothing can be done. Hopefully Mr. Gargamel shows mercy to me. 

Speaking of this special public holidays, my university friends came to find me all the way from Pontian. I arrived first at the cinema and got a shock by the long queue for ticketing. Not knowing how, I joined the queue too. There's one lady with her son has no idea with the crowd and she was informed by the lady queuing behind her. Obviously, it's a family from Singapore!

Friends came and we decided to change venue for movie. Oh yeah, Today's mall was so empty and no queue at the ticket counter. We bought the tickets and went to the nearest Mcdonald's for lunch. I got another cutie smurf from Happy Meal again. Guess what?! There's a queue at the ticket counter after we got back to the cinema. Ah-ha, they must be from the previous venue that we went to. 

Everyone knows him as Mr. Bean. He is Rowan Atkinson. In the cinema while waiting for the movie to start, my friend told me Mr. Bean is his childhood idol. I nearly ask him do you own his bear? LOL Facebook is showing the status you posted on last year's this date and I found out I am friend of this Mr. Bean's fan for a year. We know each other on this typical Malaysia's day, what a date.
The Royce, agent Johnny English's car is one of the highlights. It can only be voice controlled by Johnny. Everything on the car is a weapon.
This extraordinary electrical wheelchair is another highlight. I like how they name the difference of the speed on the controller : '' normal, fast, very fast, f fast " I think you know the F word. 

The idea of flying helicopter using the normal car's road and turning at the roundabout made me go HAHAHAHA in the cinema. He used his brain to think and make things easier than the bad hat. I would reckon you to watch this comedy in the cinema as it is worthwhile. I laughed from the beginning till the end of the movie. There are few times I thought my jaw would not join back again. 

After that, the friend brought us to a laksa stall behind the owner's house at Ulu Tiram. The portion of the laksa was just nice and it costs only at RM3 per bowl. Oh dear, where can you get a bowl of laksa at this price anymore? I didn't take any picture of it, might show it again if I visit there again. The only thing I don't like about the laksa is the smell of clams. They are raw siham!! ewwwww Btw, no coconut milk is added into the laksa, so it is healthier. 

This is a pretty long winded post so I shall end here. Remember to watch this movie in cinema =D 

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