Friday, September 02, 2011

Kota Iskandar, Johor

The new layout of blogger is pretty awesome, it looks more classy and professional. haha 
By the way, this is a delayed post which should be posted 2 weeks earlier. I don't care, I still wanna write about it because it is a meaningful post. They have planned this trip for quite some time and we made it. 
We started the beautiful sunny day with McDonald's breakfast. The breakfast was om-nom-nom delicious. After that, off we go to Kota Iskandar, Johor.
This is the complete group photo of the day. It would be nicer if all friends could make it on that day. xoxo
OK, they were showing the slow motion of running athlete from the beginning. For every step moved, they change the whole outfit, cool isn't it? haha
New character added in as the one blowing the gun. You see the gun is still up which means the athlete runs real fast.
This is a must-have props to create those romantic and beautiful scene for photography session. Somehow, it did not function well.
No idea the operation of this building but as you can see, the building is very Malaysia, isn't it so?
Ta-daa !! She is the organizer for this gathering and also the owner of the bubbles gun. 

See how much the sun kissed us on that day. However, thank god that none of us had sun burnt =)
How is this blue snoopy? The pillow that I was hugging was a bear with its heart shaped eyes.
Alright, who says 2 friends must be in the same size ?? Can't you see how big size I am? hahaha
So, Corona do you like Snoopy as well? hehe I guess I know the answer from your expression..
Kota Iskandar is an administrative area for government and it has not fully developed yet so that place is rather silent. You may jump and scream as you like.

Never sit in front and made the mistake that I did if you do not have slim legs. I saw carrots !!

Ermmm...they were actually imitating the owls, can you picture it?

Hey guys, I am promoting my friend Corona now...
Any interest to know this pretty girl ?! 
Please tell me and I will make the arrangement. 
*Chingu, I am helping*
That's the end for our special girls' gathering at Kota Iskandar. It was really great to gather everyone and have a photography and gossip session. Everyone is now busying with own studies and work so hardly to meet each and everyone. I WANT MORE !!!!

Disclaimer : None of the photos above is taken by me =]

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