Monday, September 19, 2011

Macau Part 1

Did you watch the trip teaser video in previous post? I hope you did. Now, this is a more detail post about the trip. Let's go!! 
This is my first time boarding from Changi buget terminal. There's only 1 McDonald's, 1 restaurant and a book store. We had our early breakfast at 4am. After check in, so regretted why didn't we know there's a Starbucks here. You may charge your mobile battery free of charge and surf the net too.
The first flying experience with Tiger airways was pretty nice. If the little brother behind did not make so much noise and disturbed my sleep, I guess it would be nicer. I have a habit of flipping through the shopping catalog and see any worthwhile bargain. 
Slept all the way and I arrived at MACAU!!  *Portuguese egg tarts I am coming*
It was still morning after placing our luggage at hotel lobby. We went to a restaurant at the Portuguese square (not sure about the name) for our dim sum breakfast. The service attitude of the crew really horrible, poor serving attitude yet she could survive. However, she did not spoil our mood for breakfast. The food served is really nice. 
The swirl custard bun, egg tarts, har gao, fried radish cake, xiaolongbao and many more. Everything is so nice. They serve one by one so you might be tired of waiting.
Thinking of it again made me drools. It is soft and nice.
The har gao has 2 fresh shrimps inside, you can taste the freshness and the bouncy feel when you bite it. my-oh-my !!! The shrimp goes doi doi doi...
See the soup from the xiaolongbao, that is why it is famous. I have been reducing my consumption on pork butt I couldn't resist on this. Slurrrp the soup!! 
Look for the Tai Pai chinese restaurant on the 2nd floor if you wish to try on this. You may try it but must be able to endure with their serving attitude. Really freak you out. 

Filling the stomach so it's time to do some shopping at the area. We bought dresses for miss cutie Angeline. 
That's our hotel room. Saw the tv? I watched the liver soccer match here at night, Chelsea versus dunno which team. Chelsea won . =)
Enough of rest so move on to the Macau Tower. We planned to walk there but we gave up in the middle 'cause it was too hot. We hopped on a public bus then. Tickets bought and took the lift up to 58th floor. The lift goes 5 metres per second and we need only 30+ seconds to reach. 
HAHAHAHAHA I know I am the most suitable person in making that pose. If you want that 5 apples, please pay around RM2000 and jump from the building. 
My legs were like jelly when I stood there and looked down. I have no idea how strong is the glass so I sangat takut. No chance to go the Pearl Tower in Shanghai, finally I experienced it here. 
We got the Macau under our feet. We stepped on you!!!! yoohooo~
Hello Kitty is the theme therefore Kitty is everywhere. It is suitable for all those kitty lovers, they must be couldn't resist it.
Thanks to the stranger couple for this family portrait. Can you spot Blackstone? Btw, my sis did help the couple to take a picture with their camera as a return of favour. 
Wanna try flying without wings?? I guess this might change your mind if you actually plan to suicide. Playing this game is like burning few thousands in few seconds but experience something different from others. 
They are the warriors. Somehow they look like animals in the zoo and we were watching from the glass. LOL 
Bravo to the girls, I don't have the guts to do so, seriously I DON'T!!! I have phobia for heights. 
This bear is showing you the correct way of hanging yourself in the air. haha It is available for sale too, I have no idea how much is the price. 
Everyone went OOHHH whenever there was a person jumping down as though he/she was committing suicide. Me too, so gan jiong!! 
Some celebrities came here before. Famous and dare to jump, you got a corner on the poster. 
Show you the building of Grand Lisboa as the teaser for next coming post for the trip. Stay tuned!!! 

I didn't sleep well for few days and I hope I don't look scary to others when I was at outside. Oh dear, another morning is here again. No more scary thunder in the morning and scared me to death during my sleep, please =(

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