Sunday, September 25, 2011

Macau Part 2

Overly famished, we walked the way to 7-eleven to search for some light food to fill our stomachs. This curry fish balls noodle is really nice, at least I like it. I always like to visit the convenient store in other countries, you can find many different food and beverages. 
All these cakes tasted the same but I kind of like it. It is smooth and fluffy unlike the one you get in Malaysia's 7-eleven.
Yoohoo, hopped onto the shuttle bus in front of the hotel and heading to the Galaxy casino now. I smell $$$

One of the good things in Macau is the shuttle bus. Casino owners are brilliant, they provide you the transport so you have no other trouble in getting to the casino.
This is the cash card for you to buy food at the food court. You need 1 to buy food, HKD100 per card. Can't finish the cash in it? Redeem the remaining cash at the counter after your meal. 

Grabbed this guide at the hotel lobby just for fun. It gives you a very detailed tourist spots and a little history of the place.

Now let's move on to Venetian by shuttle bus. The bus is so comfortable till I almost fell asleep. For those who had watched the Korean drama, the flower boys would know this place where Goo Jun Pyo and Geum Jan Di met up. 

Can't go to the real Venice so I came here. Sorry, I can't give you the best view of the building. But trust me, it isn't that pretty like you saw it on TV.
This is a poster outside of Sasa. Hmmm...Sasa is everywhere in Macau. Every few steps you can see a Sasa shop. It's pretty crazy. 
Let you peek into the Venetian casino. They allow you to view, it's alright, they got nothing to lose after all. There are 40 casinos in Macau. You may enter all casino as you like and they don't check on your ID. 
It's time to have a break at Maxim's. The beverages are not cheap so I shared what they ordered since the green tea is pretty big cup of it.
This is papa's mocha or cappucino or something that contained caffeine. It is pretty bitter because I drank it without any sugar added. 
That guy has been eyeing on us since he passed by there and bought the gelato. I bet he is either Malaysian or Singaporean. I can hear our accent everywhere in Macau, no kidding. 

Enjoy your meal, coffee, ice-cream or whatever, the live band playing soothing song always melt your heart. So relaxing~

Stop mesmerized by the unrealistic Venetian. The moment you stepped into Venetian, everything is like a dream. It's time to go back. But before that, move on to Grand Lisboa. 
If you watched Johnny English Reborn, you will find this building very familiar. The Grand Lisboa casino where the fella told English '' You grandmother is sick''. Remember it now ?! 
 I don't think you could see my face. haha 

After that we walked back to our hotel room. Before that I bought a cup of coke from McD to quench my thirst. Why am I always short of water during trip?? 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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