Friday, September 30, 2011

Mr. Robert Kuok

As a Malaysian, it is impossible that you'd never heard of his name. He is the richest man in Malaysia and South East Asia. You might not heard of him but you should know about the sugar that you consume or the Shangri-La hotel. 

My friend introduced this video to me and seriously I have learnt a lot. He and I share the same hometown!! We are both anak Johor. He is already 87 years old but he looks younger than his age, isn't he? I remember last time during primary school, Mr. Kuok's brother, Mr. Philip Kuok would attend almost all the big events and gave speech. He was one of the directors.

Entrepreneur needs to be brave and innovative. You need hard work and guts behind all your success. Every family needs at least a packet of sugar as it is a necessity. Though he doesn't like the name but still I wanna say, I admire you Sugar King. =) 

Trust me, watch the video and you would gain something from him. Learn more about him at here

Wisdom is only found in truth

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