Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0

'' Walao eh !! '' This is the famous secret code for frying rice. haha

It is a must to watch this movie in the cinema to show your support to local Chinese movie production. Before watching it, I have already read some comments regarding this movie and watched some videos posted by Namewee.

The outfit of Karen Kong in this cinema looks quite cute, isn't she?

How to say? This movie is so typical Malaysian but I kind of like it. Something shown in the movie are quite true.

  1. Internet connection in Malaysia isn't fast and sometimes bad. 
  2. Power failure and water rationing without notice. If there is any notice, the date might be a prank. 
  3. Chinese hawkers can't do business at any random roadside, there are eyes on you. 
  4. Majority dark skinned foreign workers are known as Bangla even if they are not. 
Above are the 4 main points I could remember from the movie. Besides that, there is a parody of the Dr. Chua's sex video in the movie. At the end, there's a cooking competition between China and Malaysia's contestants. He even make a topic of it linked it to badminton. Namewee posted Dato Lee went to watch this move too, so I wonder did he enjoy that part? =D
Oh, I love this last part of his cooking training with the Indian. Seriously, Indians love to hide behind the tree and flower bushes like the Bollywood movie huh? I don't even expect Namewee would speak Hainanese in the movie. The guy spoke Indian language and he replied in Hainanese language, I bet only a few audiences could understand without reading the subtitles given. There are few seconds the Indian spoke Hainanese too but I can't remember what he said. 

Trailer of the movie

Curry Neh  (sound alike an Indian song)

We went to a mamak for supper after the movie. The waiter spoke to me in Indian and there's a moment I wanted to speak Hainanese to him. I seriously do but I didn't. The thing is because I would tend to mix Hokkien in my Hainese. hahaha 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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