Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Smurfs

'' a happy song" 

Have you smurf? Quickly step into the cinema and join Papa smurf and his kids for their adventure in New York city. It is a very cute movie. All smurfs got their names based on their personalities. So, I did a little test online and got my smurfy name. Eventually, I was a Sassafras Smurf !! Check yours here. Oh ya, the name wasn't created based on my personality. Now, I am gonna show you my very smurf personality. That's smurfy accurate!! 

The wand that Garbagesmell...errr I mean Gargamel used in the movie actually reminded me of Voldemort. Do you know the linkage between them? By the way, they are not related except they know spells. The man played the role of Gargamel is even fantastic. 
You know what? He looks like my audit lecturer !! I don't smurf, they look smurfy alike. I was like WOW when he appeared on the screen. Why Odile tried to seduce him? 

I watched this movie with my smurf ex-colleagues and all of us enjoyed this movie. So cool, I have more friends now. Do I sound pathetic? I heard someone said '' I want to get a Smurf '' after the movie. There's a cart selling smurf plush toys but I don't think she buys it. haha Thinking of getting one from Mcdonald's Happy Meal. 

 Les Schtroumpfs !!

Sing a happy song..lalalala

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